Imagine growing up living the Science of Mind principles! Would your life have been different?

As our Center grows, so does our population of children who are a part of the Center’s Youth Programs.  There are Infants (out of diapers and pre-K), Youth (K-6th grade), and Teens (7th grade and up to age 18). We have programs for everyone under this “youth umbrella.”

Youth and Teens meet in separate areas on Sunday mornings at 11 AM. 

Teens have occasional weekend retreats that gather local and regional youth together, as well as a summer camp. Being a Teen advisor meens participating in fundraising for overnights and camps, though it does not require that you attend such events (but once you go, you’ll want to go back!)

There are four primary objectives of the program:

• personal development support (time to check in)

• application of Science of Mind© principles and teaching

• practical skill application of the principles

• friendship/social support

It is rewarding to watch a young person “learn, get it, and grow!”  Youth participation in the Sunday service makes these programs more visible in the greater Center


What is the commitment and training for Seva youth/teen teachers?teens

• Reliably show up for agreed commitments

• There is curriculum available and people can be trained to use it

• There have been workshops on using Spiritual Mind Treatment

We are looking for the best teachers:

• People who want to serve

• People who have studied SOM principles (have taken at least two classes)

• People who know or are willing to learn how to use the curriculum

• People who are responsible and organized

• Background checks/references required

* Seva teachers receive free recordings of the Sunday Celebration teaching, which they miss due to teaching.