Volunteer Opportunities


Members and Friends of our Center are invited to support the Center’s activities and one of the ways to take part is through volunteering, which we call Seva (a Sanskrit word meaning “Selfless Service to Spirit”). Giving of your time and talents is integral to the ongoing mission of our Center, but perhaps more importantly, it is of benefit to YOU.

“As you give, so shall you receive.”
Seva means supporting and giving back to the place where you receive your spiritual nourishment.
Volunteers at the Center experience an increased sense of community and the good feeling that comes from being in service to God.  When you invite friends to the Center, you are helping to spread this teaching to all who will benefit by being here.  When you serve at the Center, you are helping our Center to function and thrive. It is through service that we truly experience being one with Spirit. No matter how much or little time you have, your gift of service is valued and appreciated.
Below is a list of ministry teams (and the person to contact) where your support would be greatly appreciated.
Sunday Celebration Ministry
Team Name Facilitator
Welcoming Eileen Gantz
Music Rev. Frankie Timmers
Sound/Production Donna Kelly
Social Hour/Kitchen Lisa Howard
Education Ministry
Team Name Facilitator
Youth Bill Curran
Teens Mary Reilly
Events Ministry
Event Facilitator
Annual Ball
Connie Weiss
Sacred Service Ministry
Team Name Facilitator
High Watch Gail Belluardo
Practitioners Rev. Frankie Timmers
Board of Trustees Rev. Frankie Timmers
Buildings & Grounds Ministry
Team Board Liason
Building Craig Ingraham & Don Wojciak
Grounds & Plants Penny Kip
Finance Ministry
Event Facilitator
Abundance Donny Grazano
Bookstore Rena Strool
Fundraising Rev. Frankie Timmers
Communication & Outreach Ministry
Team Facilitator
Outreach Gail Mardfin


Contact Information

Office hours are 9:30 AM-2:00 PM Monday through Friday.
For information please call 973-539-3114. If no one is available please leave a message. We check our messages several times a day.